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full CV can be found here: [[Image:cv.pdf]]
full CV can be found here: [[Image:cv.doc]]

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Eliana Maria Herrero

Foto di ElianaHerrero
First Name: Eliana Maria
Last Name: Herrero
E-mail: elianaherrero(at)gmail(dot)com
Research Areas:

personal info:

Eliana Herrero was born in Cordoba province, Argentina, in 1981. She received her bachelor degree in computer science from the computer science and engineering department, faculty of Exact Sciences, physics-chemistry and Natural, National University of rio IV in 2005 after a five years long study.

She also develop a career as a IT consultant and working with Top companies in the telecommunication sector. In 2008 she was transfer to Italy to continue his work as APM in the European region for the GEM countries and Italy.

Starting also from september 2008 and with her transfer to Italy, she is a MsC student in the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano.

full CV can be found here: File:Cv.doc