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Giulio Fontana
Foto di GiulioFontana
First Name: Giulio
Last Name: Fontana
Research Areas:

Works to the design, setup, management, and technical supervision of AIRLab projects; plus, of course, to their implementation. He enjoys finding solutions to problems, and is happiest when thinking up ideas or designing systems, devices, or "stuff" (such as PCBricks).

The projects he is (or has been) most involved in are:

  • funded project ROAMFREE (Robust Odometry Applying Multisensor Fusion to Reduce Estimation Errors, Active)
  • funded project Industria 2015: Product Intelligence (providing household appliances with onboard intelligence to optimize energy usage, Active)

Giulio Fontana has also participated to the following projects (all of them closed and not featured in AIRWiki):

  • MEPOS (Optical Measurement of Position and Size of Wood Panels for Intelligent Automation of Sanding Machines: realization of a machine vision system to be fitted to industrial sanding machines, for the estimation of the thickness of wood panels over their entire width and length, in order to allow precise sanding of unknown- and variable-thickness panels)
  • APE (Agencies for PErception in enviromental monitoring: realization of a multirobot system for the monitoring and characterization of electro-magnetic fields)
  • MORO (MObile RObotic agency, historic and long-standing AIRLab project in the field of multirobot systems; starring MO.RO.1, the first autonomous mobile robot ever built in Italy).

Click here to get to his web page within the website of the Department of Electronics and Information.