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|projectpage=Emotion from Interaction
|projectpage=Emotion from Interaction
== Personal info! ==
== Personal info! ==

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Goran Burek
Foto di GoranBurek
First Name: Goran
Last Name: Burek
E-Mail: goran.burek@gmail.com
Project page: Emotion from Interaction
Project page(s): Emotion From Mouse and Keyboard
Status: inactive

Personal info!

I came to Politecnico di Milano with Double Degree exchange student progam in 2006. My original university is University of Zagreb, Fakutet Elektrotehnike i Računarstva (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) where I studied for 3 years. In 2006 I got the scholarship to go to Polimi to do the Master Degree. At the moment I'm working on my thesis in Affective Computing researching Emotion from Interaction.

Member of Autmatic Emotion Recognition Group @ Airlab: EmoticaLab