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Simone Tognetti

Foto di SimoneTognetti
First Name: Simone
Last Name: Tognetti
E-mail: tognetti(at)elet(dot)polimi(dot)it
Research Areas: Affective Computing

Personal info!

I was born in Chiaravalle (AN) in 1981, I got my Degree in Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano (it was July 2006). My interests are: Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised/Supervised Learning and Data analysis. Actually, I am a PHD student for the Politecnico di Milano and I am working on "Affective computing". The basic idea of this research is to introduce some affective process into totally cognitive intelligent systems. The main topic is the modeling of the interaction between humans and computers.

Currently developing a website of the Autmatic Emotion Recognition Group @ Airlab: EmoticaLab


Other projects

  • Affective Computing


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