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Stefano Persico
Foto di StefanoPersico
First Name: Stefano
Last Name: Persico
Project page: SmallBasketBot
Project page(s): SmallBasketBot
Status: active

Stefano Persico

1989-1994: Electrical Technician diploma at ITIS P. Paleocapa (Bergamo)

1994-2004: Electronic Engineering course at Politecnico Milano Leonardo

1996-2006: assembly, installation and configuration of personal computers (Windows)

2005-2016: computer programmer (database and SQL language)

2013-2017: Creating, at hobby level and for personal passion, small low-cost home automation systems on Arduino and APP platforms for Android (C++ and Java languages)

I am currently concluding my university course preparing a thesis creating a small toy robot for children. The project, born thanks to the availability of prof. Andrea Bonarini, belongs to Robot Games category.