VCSBC4018 vision board

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This tutorial explains how to use the camera board VCSBC4018.

This camera board mount with a TMS320C64xx working at 40MHZ. The camera sensor can take images with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The board is equiped with a 100 Mbit Ethernet that allow to comunicate with a PC, 32 MB RAM and 4 MB flash EPROM. Power supply: 12~14V.

Part 1: HW connection

First of all it's needed to connect the LAN jumper (J4) and power jumper (J3). Jump.jpg

The photo above represent a generic board, in fact the VCSBC4018 doesn't have the J6 jumper.

The photo below shows the realy board with the two jumpers connected.

Collegamenti on board.jpg

The power (12~24V) must be connected to the red cable of J3 and the ground to the balck cable of the same connector. At the end, the RJ-45 connector must be plug into PC LAN port.