AIRLab survival guide

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Here you can find links to resources useful in your life at AIRLab.

In particular, you should first read the safety norms (remember that you must know these and comply with them)

Then there are some beaurocratic procedures to obtain the access to the AIRLab.

Before completing the beaurocratic procedures, you will have to fill in your AIRWiki user page and your project page.

Here are links to different resources:

  • Tips 'n' tricks (things that can save you much trouble)
  • AIRLab rules (they are few and simple, but you have to follow them)
  • Airpaper (writing a paper? This is a tool to share it with the other authors)
  • looking for some piece of hardware? Go to What's in the AIRLab
  • Recipes (yes, REAL recipies of special food) from people at AIRLab
  • Useful phone numbers, download ODT document or PDF .