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Students at AIRLab.

Welcome to AIRLab!

This is the wiki supporting AIRLab, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of Politecnico di Milano.

AIRLab was established by prof. Marco Somalvico in 1971 as one of the first groups of researchers in Italy working on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Vision.

Researchers working at AIRLab have always followed and leaded the evolution of AI and Robotics. The research areas we are presently focusing on are listed here.

We have always worked both on theoretical aspects and on applications, developed in projects funded by national and international agencies and companies.

AIRLab professors presently manage one of the largest curricula in Italy on AI and Robotics, producing each year more than 50 master theses and about 10-15% of the PhD theses of the Computer Science and Engineering Section at DEIB.

Many activities at AIRLab are covered by media as soon as they attract interest. You may find here links to some of the past articles on newspapers and magazines.

AIRLab participates to the EUrobotics AISBL, and is one of the robotics labs of Politecnico di Milano.

AIRWiki supports many activities of researchers and students working at AIRLab. Follow the links at he "AIRWiki" tab.

AIRLab also occasionally participates at events.