BCI & artifacts

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BCI and artifacts
Image of the project BCI & artifacts
Short Description: BCI and artifacts
Tutor: MatteoMatteucci (matteo.matteucci@polimi.it)
Students: DarioRusignuolo (dario.rusignuolo@mail.polimi.it)
Research Area: BioSignal Analysis
Research Topic:
Start: 2009/12/31
Status: Closed
Level: Bs
Type: Thesis

First Level Thesis

The Project

Works Done

  • Introduction to EEG and EOG artifacts and methods such as Wavelet, cICA and Fast-ICA.

Work In Progress

  • making a mini-guide on how to reproduce a signal without the EOG artifacts.


Introduction to artifacts in BCI systems

  • EMG and EOG artifacts in brain computer interface systems: A survey, Fatourechi, Bashanti, Ward, Birch

EOG Correction, ICA & Wavelet

  • EOG correction: A comparison of four methods, Rodney Croft, Jody S. Chandler, Robert J. Barry and Nicholas R. Cooper
  • Low-Probability event-detection and separation via statistical wavelet thresholding: An Application to psychophysiological de-noising, Browne and Cutmore
  • Temporally Constrained ICA: An Application to Artifact Rejection in Electromagnetic Brain Signal Analysis, James, Gibson


Person in charge Dario Rusignuolo