Batch Learning for Poker

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MRT: Batch Learning for Poker
Coordinator: MarcelloRestelli (
Students: RafaelVilella (
Research Area: Machine Learning
Research Topic:
Start: 2010/03/01
End: 1970/01/01
Status: Active
Type: Thesis

Project short description

This project is aimed at determination an efficient policy to play Poker Limit Hold`em Heads up. Subdivided in three major areas: 1- Analysis of rules of poker and player strategies. 2- Feature Extraction: Given the fact that number of possible states are quite large (10E14). A FS approach is necessary. 3- Fitted Q-Iteration to determinate the policy using Extremely Randomized Trees.


Start date: 2010/03/01

End date: Still in progress

Project head(s)

M.Restelli - User:MarcelloRestelli

Students currently working on the project

Rafael Domingues Santos Vilella - User:RafaelVilella

Laboratory work and risk analysis

This project is related to software developing so there are no dangerous activities