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This page contains the things you need to know and do to be allowed to work in the AIRLab. It is especially targeted to students.

HOW TO become a registered user of AIRWiki

To become one of the registered users, you must request a user account for the AIRWiki. To do that, you can ask your Advisor or co-Advisor (the procedure to create a new user is described at the bottom of this page). If you need more information, send an email to eynard (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it.

If you are a student beginning her/his work within the AIRLab, please note that you must be a registered user before you can even enter the Lab. You must also be aware that anything you put into the public layer of AIRWiki will be published on the internet and visible by all the world. Always keep in mind the warnings!

HOW TO get the authorization to access the Lab

Note: you cannot access the AIRLab without being authorized, and you can't let anyone who is not authorized into the AIRLab.

Note: renewal for guests is not done through this procedure. The guest should go instead to Ms Laura Caldirola (DEIB, 1st floor, phone 3405) and have the documents printed out.

In order to obtain access to any AIRLab site, you need to follow these steps, in order.

  1. Read carefully the Safety norms and the AIRLab rules. Those documents are written in Italian: if you aren't able to read them, ask your Advisor.
  2. Become a registered user of the AIRWiki (see the bottom of this page).
  3. Fill in your user page with your personal data (read here how).
  4. Set up an AIRWiki page for the Project if it does not yet exist (see here how).
  5. Fill in the "Access Registration Form", specifying which AIRLab sites (see The Labs) you need to access. Sign it and have your Advisor sign it too. Note that by signing the form you declare that:
    • you have successfully completed the safety course of Politecnico di Milano;
    • you will comply with the Safety norms of the AIRLab;
    • you will comply with the "Procedure generali di emergenza" of the Department, printed on the form.
  6. Have the Access Registration Form also signed by Professor Bonarini, who is in charge of the AIRLab. He will check that you actually created and filled in the AIRWiki pages for you and your Project. To get your form signed by Professor Bonarini, leave it to the Secretary at the 1st floor of the DEIB (Ms Caldirola - phone 3405). If you have done your duty with the AIRWiki, your Access Registration Form will be signed by Professor Bonarini and given (by the Secretary) to the head of the Computer Engineering Section of the DEIB for final validation. (If you haven't done your duty, the Form ended in the trash bin and you have to restart from point 1.) Usually, within a week from the day you left the Form to the Secretary it should have come back with all the required signatures on it. You can inquire by contacting her.
  7. Go to Ms Dora Ivanov at the DEIB (ground floor) and get your student badge enabled for access to the AIRLab. You will have to bring:
    • the signed Access Registration Form
    • the certificate that you got by successfully completing the safety course
    • your badge.

It's done. Now you are registered as an authorized AIRLab user (for the sites you requested). The guards at the entrance of the AIRLab buildings will let you in, and your badge will open the AIRLab doors

HOW TO connect your laptop to the Internet

If you own a laptop computer, you can request an authorization to connect it to the (wired) LAN of the Department of Electronics and Information (DEI). This allows connecting to all the online resources of the DEI and to the internet (including the possibility to access and download non-free scientific papers for which the DEI has a subscription). You have to ask the Teacher responsible for your Project, who will have to follow this procedure.

Please note that you will have to specify the MAC (physical) address of your network interface card. This is done in this way:

  • Linux: run the command ifconfig from a command prompt (shell screen). This command describes to you the physical network cards that your PC includes. The main one is usually called eth0: on the right of this name you will find (among other things) something like "HWaddr 00:11:22:aa:bb:cc". The 6 hexadecimal numbers separated by ":" are the MAC address.
  • MAC OS X: see the procedure for Linux; the main network card here is usually called "en0".
  • Windows: similar to the procedure for Linux, but using the command ipconfig/all instead of "ifconfig".

HOW TO create a new AIRWiki user

Sysop users (sysop users are these; if you are curious about what being a sysop means, take a look at [1]) have the power to create new AIRWiki users. This is necessary, for instance, when you introduce a student to the AIRLab. To create a new account you must be logged in to AIRWiki; go here, click on "create new account" and fill in the data of the new user (the username should comply with AIRWiki's convention of "NameSurname"). This also creates the personal page for the new user, but 'does not' fill in such page. The new user will have to fill it in herself by following these instructions.