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This page contains the things you need to know and do to be allowed to work in the AIRLab. It is especially targeted to students.

HOW TO become a registered user of AIRWiki

To become one of the Registered users, you must request a user account for the AIRWiki. To do that, you can ask your Advisor or co-Advisor. If you need more information send an email to either migliore (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it or eynard (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it.

If you are a student beginning her/his work within the AIRLab, please note that you must be a registered user before you can even enter the Lab. You must also be aware that anything you put into the public layer of AIRWiki will be published on the internet and visible by all the world. Always keep in mind the warnings!

HOW TO get the authorization to access the Lab

Note: you cannot access the AIRLab without being authorized, and you can't let anyone who is not authorized into the AIRLab.

In order to obtain access to any AIRLab site (see The Labs), you need to follow these steps. From their description it seems a lot of work, but it's not: just read the following instructions before starting (well, this should be a general rule...).

  • First of all, it is mandatory that you carefully read the Safety norms and the AIRLab rules for AIRLab Users. These documents are written in Italian: if you aren't able to read them, ask the Advisor responsible for your Project to translate for you the parts concerning your work.
  • You must then get a registered user account (if you haven't got one yet). See here for details.
  • As soon as you are one of AIRWiki's Registered users, you must fill in your user page with your personal data. To do that, log in to the AIRWiki (just use the link on top right of the Main Page), then click on the "people" link in the "navigation" tab on the left to go to the Special:Listusers page. There you will find a list of user pages: look for your own (yes, there it is!). Click on the link and fill in the page. The data you are required to put in are: first name, surname, "numero di matricola", name of your Advisor, name of other Teacher(s) you work with, link to the AIRWiki pages of the project(s) you are working on (see the following for this), and your photo. You can copy the layout of other user pages (some of them include a fine table for all the data) if you prefer: just go to the 'edit' tab of those pages and copy all that you need into the 'edit' tab of your page (I said COPY, not CUT: be careful not to alter other people's pages).
  • Subsequently, you must set up an AIRWiki page for the Project you are about to start working on (if someone else didn't already do that: check for that on the Projects page). Don't worry, it's very easy: just follow the instructions you find here. When you have done that, remember to go back to your user page and put there a link to the page of your Project.
  • Then, you have to fill in the Access Registration Form, specifying which AIRLab sites (see The Labs) you need to enter. Sign it and have your Advisor sign it too. Note that by signing the form you declare that you have read:
    • the Safety norms of the AIRLab;
    • the document "Procedure generali di emergenza" of the Department, which is part of the form itself.
  • Once the form is signed by you and your Advisor, it has to be verified and signed by professor Bonarini, head of the AIRLab (User:AndreaBonarini). This step has been made mandatory to check that people actually fill in their AIRWiki pages, as students tended to "forget" that :-( . Send him an e-mail with "access to AIRLab" as subject, to ask him when you can go to his office for the signature (surprise appearances are not very welcome).
  • Now the Access Registration Form have to be signed by the head of the Informatics Section of the DEI. Just leave the form to the Secretaries on the first floor of the Department of Electronics and Information, and come back in a day or two (they will tell you exactly when).
  • Finally, leave the Access Registration Form and your student's ID card to Mrs. Ivanov (DEI, 3rd floor). In this way you will be registered as an authorized AIRLab user, and your ID card will get the ability to open the door of the AIRLab sites you requested. This step usually requires about a week.

* * * * * You are now allowed to access the AIRLab!! * * * * *

HOW TO connect your laptop to the Internet

If you own a laptop computer, you can request an authorization to connect it to the (wired) LAN of the Department of Electronics and Information (DEI). This allows connecting to all the online resources of the DEI and to the internet. You will need to fill in this form, have it signed by the Teacher responsible for your Project, and return it to the network administrators' office (DEI, 1st floor, Sardi or Busnelli). Note that you will have to specify the MAC address of your network interface card: instructions about how to get it are given on the form.

NOTE: if you often work in AIRLab/Lambrate, you can also get an account to use the Linux PCs available there; this will give you a home directory (accessible from any of those PCs) and internet access. This is completely separate from access to DEI's LAN: you can require such an account by writing an e-mail to prof. Matteucci <matteucci (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it>.