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This page contains the things you need to know and do to be allowed to work in the AIRLab. It is especially targeted to students.

HOW TO become a registered user of AIRWiki

To become one of the registered users, you must request a user account for the AIRWiki. To do that, you can ask your Advisor or co-Advisor (the procedure to create a new user is described at the bottom of this page).

If you are a student beginning her/his work within the AIRLab, please note that you must be a registered user before you can even enter the Lab. You must also be aware that anything you put into the public layer of AIRWiki will be published on the internet and visible by all the world. Always keep in mind the warnings!

HOW TO get the authorization to access the Lab

Note: renewal for guests is not done through this procedure. The guest should go instead to Ms Laura Caldirola and start the procedure.

You cannot access the AIRLab without being authorized. You can get the authorization by following these steps:

  1. Read carefully the Safety norms and the AIRLab rules. Those documents are written in Italian: if you aren't able to read them, ask your Advisor.
  2. Become a registered AIRWiki user (see how at the bottom of this page). This also creates an empty personal page for you (you can reach it from here).
  3. Fill in your user page with your personal data and photo (read here how).
  4. Set up an AIRWiki page for your project you will be working on, if it does not exist yet (directions for that are here).
  5. Send an e-mail to Ms Laura Caldirola (laura.caldirola@polimi.it) requesting the access to AIRLab, specifying: (i) your advisor's name; (ii) the lab location (e.g., building 7 or building 21); (iii) the duration of your thesis or project (ask your advisor for this); (iv) your personal code ("codice persona") as a member of Politecnico di Milano.
  6. Send an e-mail to professor Bonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it) declaring that you have read and understood the safety norms and the AIRLab rules.
  7. Get your personal Politecnico di Milano badge enabled for access to AIRLab by Ing. Fausto Berton (his office is at DEIB, ground floor). He will send you an e-mail message to ask you to go to his office to sign a paper and finalize the process. If you do not receive this message within three days, please contact him directly. [Note: this last phase of the procedure changed from 2016-11-30. Before, the access badge was different from the student's.]

It's done. Now, you are an authorized AIRLab student. Your badge should open the AIRLab doors. Hooray!

REMEMBER: to enter there you declared to follow the rules, and in particular to keep a proper behavior, be responsible and ... enjoy the AIRLab!

HOW TO connect your laptop to the Internet

In AIRLab you have free connection both wired and WI-FI.

HOW TO create a new AIRWiki user

Sysop users (sysop users are these; if you are curious about what being a sysop means, read here) can create new AIRWiki users. This is necessary, for instance, to introduce a student to the AIRLab. Provided that you are a Sysop, to create a new AIRWiki user account you must:

  • log in to the AIRWiki
  • go to the login/create account page
  • click on "create new account"
  • fill in the data of the new user (the username should comply with AIRWiki's convention of "NameSurname").

This procedure also creates the personal page for the new user, but 'does not' fill in such page. The new user will have to fill it in by herself (see here to learn how).