Computer controlled Braking on the Alpaca Golf Cart

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Brake Padal Implementing on a Golf Cart

Project name

Computer controlled Braking on the Alpaca Golf Cart

Project short description

This project is aimed at implementing a system to push the Brake pedal of a Golf Cart. The command about when and how brake is received to a PIC sending by high level Comman Unit (Notebook).

First Step: Design a Elctro-meccanical System than supply the right power (within a specific time) to Design a system that permitt to modulate the force when the brake i pushed.

Second Step: Implementing a Elctro-meccanical prototype

Third Step: Implementing a full sytem


Start date: 2008/04/15

End date: 2008/12/31

People involved

Davide Daloiso - User:DavideDaloiso Daniele Marzorati - User:DanieleMarzorati Domenico G. Sorrenti - User:Domenicogsorrenti Axel Furlan - AxelFurlan