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Researchers working at AIRLab have always been involved and proposed projects funded by national and international agencies and companies.

Among them, we list here some of the most recent ones.

  • PoliAutism: Interazione gestuale multicanale a supporto delle attività educativo-terapeutiche per l'autismo infantile
  • ROAMFREE: Robust Odometry Applying Multisensor Fusion to Reduce Estimation Errors
  • Antares: Alternative Non-Testing methods Assessed for REACH Substances
  • ORCHESTRA: Organising dissemination on Results of projects on Chemical Evaluation, Spreading Techniques for Risk Assessment
  • Industria 2015: Product Intelligence (providing household appliances with onboard intelligence to optimize energy usage)
  • RAWSEEDS: Robotics Advancement through Web-publishing of Sensorial and Elaborated Extensive Data Sets
  • LUDI: Play for children with disabiities