HOWTO fill in your AIRWiki user page

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To do anything in the AIRLab, even to enter one of its sites, you must become one of the registered users of the AIRWiki and fill in your personal page in the Special:Listusers page.

To do that:

  • log in to the AIRWiki (just use the link on top RIGHT of the Main Page);
  • you should find your user name at the top of the page;
  • click on that link and select 'Edit';
  • open in another tab a page of another student to copy the form that is there (edit and copy the text) and paste it in your user page;
  • open another tab on airwiki, select 'Upload file' from the options in the bottom line and upload your photo, copy the name of the file;
  • fill in the frame in your user page with your data, including the name of the photo file (select your category: students have to select Student);
  • among the information required to students is a link to their project page, which has to be generated following the instructions available here to obtain access to AIRLab
  • feel free to edit the text of your personal and project pages as you like.

By default user pages are not accessible to unregistered users. If you want your user page to be visible to anyone see HOWTO make your user page public.