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What is the IIT-Lab

AIRLab-IITLab is dedicated to activities founded by the Italian Institute of Technology. The lab hosts activities related to Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Affective Computing.


It is located in the Rimembranze di Lambrate building of the Department of Electronics and Information, Via Rimembranze di Lambrate, 14, Milan.

Access Rules

The access to AIRLab-IITLab is reserved to registered users. If you are student and want to register, you have to fill the AIRLab registration form (to be signed by your tutor) and the security form. The key of the lab is provided to registered users by the doorkeeper at the main entrance of the Lambrate building.


Please book the instrument you want to use by adding an entry to the table; the booking of an instrument implies the booking of the room. If you want to use a different instrument at the same time of an existing booking, please contact the other person involved and check that you can share the room; alternatively, you can ask the doorkeeper for an empty room in the building.

Day Time Person Instrument