MRT, the Milan Robocup Team

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MRT, the Milan Robocup Team, is a joint effort between the AIRlab and the IRAlab (dept. Informatica, Sistemistica e Comunicazione of Universita` degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca).

The many robots under this headline have been developed and used for the Robocup ( competitions in autonomous soccer robots, in the Robocup middle-size league. For more details, including a list of the present and past robots fielded by the team see the [MRT team website].

The sensors and other part used onboard each robot are not currently listed by taking the robot name as the key. Please use instead the lists of each type of component, e.g., cameras, mirrors, lenses, etc., to check the ones used for the MRT robots.

The MRT home is in the [AIRLab Bovisa].

The current set of robots (as for 18.05.09)