Parameters optimization in TORCS exploiting genetic algorithms

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Parameters optimization in TORCS exploiting genetic algorithms

Project short description

This project is aimed at building a software that try to optimize the car setup and some driving parameters in a TORCS' competition. To achieve this goal this work will use a genetic algorithm due to the high number of parameters involved.


Start date: ~2008/07/01

End date: unknown


People involved

Project head(s)

P. L. Lanzi - User:PierLucaLanzi

D. Loiacono - User:DanieleLoiacono

Other Politecnico di Milano people


Students currently working on the project

Claudio Contino - User:ClaudioContino

Luca Di Mario - User:LucaDiMario

Students who worked on the project in the past


External personnel:


Laboratory work and risk analysis

This is meant to be a software project, so no physical risks are associated to this project.

Part 2: project description

work in progress...