Particle filter for object tracking

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Particle filter for object tracking.

Project short description

The aim of this project is to construct a robust particle filter for object tracking, able to follow a moving object given its starting position (in a fixed scene). To obtain this goal, we compare different similarity measures, such as color histograms and joint spatial-color mixtures of gaussians, in different color spaces (RGB, HSV).


Start date:

End date:

Internet site(s)

People involved

Project head(s)

Matteo Matteucci - matteucc (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it

Other Politecnico di Milano people

Davide Migliore - migliore (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it


Manuel Fossati - manuel (dot) fossati (at) mail (dot) polimi (dot) it

External personnel:

Laboratory work and risk analysis

Since laboratory work for this project is limited to software related activities, there are no potential risks.

Part 2: project description