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Just to give you some ideas:
Just to give you some ideas:

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

PolyGlove: a body-based haptic interface

Project short description

PolyGlove is a body-based haptic interface developed using polymer technology.


Start date: 2008/01/01

End date: 2010/12/31


People involved

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[by the way, please note that one of such pages is automatically created for every AIRLab user (yes, for you too) and that you MUST have filled it in - complete with a photo - before entering the lab for the first time]

Project head(s)

Prof.ssa Giuseppina Gini - User:GiuseppinaGini

Other Politecnico di Milano people

Ing. Paolo Belluco - User:PaoloBelluco

Students currently working on the project

Gabriele Valentini - User:GabrieleValentini

Part 2: project description


Just to give you some ideas:

  • state of the art;
  • preliminary studies and sketches;
  • design notes and guidelines;
  • link to project documents and files (you can upload them using the Special:Upload page);
  • description and results of experiments;
  • photos and videos (they must have been uploaded with Special:Upload before you can insert them into this page);
  • link to source code of the software written for the project (you can upload it with Special:Upload);
  • advice about the configuration and the use of hardware and software;
  • useful internet links;
  • anything else that you think is useful to describe the project or could help people who will work on it in the future. Think about what you would have liked to find clearly explained when you started your work, instead of discovering it all by yourself the hard way. (By the way, if some of those missing information belong to other pages of this wiki, please update those pages: future users will be grateful.)