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What is a registered user?

Generic internet surfers browsing AIRWiki can only access the public layer of this wiki, and are not able to modify its contents. Conversely, registered users of AIRWiki can also access the private layer of the wiki too and, more importantly, can modify AIRWiki pages of both the public and the private layer. To learn what a layer is in the context of AIRWiki, see here.

The possibility to become a registered user is restricted to the people who work in the AIRLab, i.e. teachers, researchers and students. The procedure to become a registered user is described in the Bureaucracy page. If you are a student beginning her work at the AIRLab, please note that you must be a registered user before you can even enter the Lab!

I am a registered user. How can I access the private layer of AIRWiki?

When you register, you are assigned a username and a password. Just go to any AIRWiki page, click on the "log in" link on top right, input those data and you're in. From now on (until you log out by clicking the link which now appears in the place of "log in") you have complete access - and writing permission, so be careful - to all of AIRWiki.

If you want to change your user page (let's say you just found a better photo ;-) ), just go to Special:Listusers, click on your name and do it. If you want to change your password, click on the link with your name which is present on top of the screen when you are logged in to AIRWiki.


Each registered user must be well aware that anything she/he puts into the public layer of AIRWiki will be published on the internet and visible by all the world. (To know what a layer is, see here.)

So be careful while editing a page belonging to the public layer: you are fully and personally responsible for what you are publishing, as specified by AIRWiki's General disclaimer (also accessible by clicking the "Disclaimers" link on the bottom of every page). Remember that the lawyers of copyright owners are out there in the web jungle, hunting for victims. By the way, as every editing operation on the AIRWiki is logged, it's easy to see who did what...

At the Projects - HOWTO page you can find instructions and guidelines to document your project online within the AIRWiki.