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How to set up BCI instruments

You’ll nedd: - Electroencephalograph (with PCMCIA connector)
- Laptop (ensures that the AC adapter is NOT connected, for safety reasons)
- Electrodes or an Electrodes Cap (designed for the 10-20 system)
- Conductive gel
- Tape measure
- Adhesive tape

Before starting, be sure that the Electroencephalograph AC adapter is far away from the patient because 50Hz can interfere and destroy EEG signal. Don’t forget also to switch-off your mobile phone.
Now you can choose if you want to use an electrodes cap, or separated electrodes.

Electrodes Cap
Choose the suitable size for the patient, and then put the cap on his head in the correct position:
- measure his head size (from the nasion NS to the ….) this is the 100% of the measure
- now