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Tiltone at Robotica2011

TiltOne is a balancing robot developed by Martino Migliavacca. All details on the robot are given on the TiltOne project page.

How to turn it on

  • Plug in the batteries (black and red cable): this turns on the controllers, but motors are still not powered
  • Keep the vertical bar gently in your hand and turn the trestle (cavalletto) all up below and parallel to the main body.
  • Turn on the PC by pressing once the small button on the bottom of the chassis (below) on the right side, on the side opposite to the batteries, close to the aluminum bar. Wait 1' until the PC is on.
  • There is a red, safety button attached by wire. When pressed it locks and disconnect the motors from the power. When turned from the locked position, it unlocks and powers the motors. Do not block the robot with your hands, keep it more or less equilibrated then unlock the safety button. If everything works, at this point, the robot should start to stay in equilibrium. Pay attention at the first equilibrating actions, since they might be strong and may require some space.
  • With the proper joy pad you can drive the robot, by using the left joystick. Check that you have the joy pad in the correct mode (no green light on the led close to the mode button). If it does not work, the joy pad might be not powered (try to make it vibrating by pressing the corresponding button, in case, just change the batteries (2 AAA)), or it might be not paired with the PC (i.e., it is not the joy pad associated to TiltOne).