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A small mechanical workshop is available at AIRLab Lambrate.

  • A vertical drill is on the desk on the right. Use proper claws (available just on the back of the drill) to block the pieces you have to drill.
  • Hand tools (hammer, screw drivers, keys, cutters, ...) are in the drawers just below the vertical drill.
  • Sews are on the wall on the left of the vertical drill.
  • Motorized screw driver and a rotary tool (Dremel) are available just above the vertical drill.
  • Alternative, motorized sew, and some hand drills are available in the cabinet on the other side of the room.
  • A heating gun is available in the drawer below the window.
  • Sand paper is in a box on the table close to the lathe.
  • Grindstones are just next to the vertical drill. Others are close to the lathe, but they should be not used, since they are dedicated to sharpen the lathe tools.
  • A miter saw is also available, but can only be used by prof. Bonarini. Ask him.

Any tool has to be used properly. Improper use is dangerous: you may damage yourself, your friends and the tools. Check on the web (e.g. here) even if you do not have doubts. In particular, safety rules have to be followed, wearing proper protection tools (available above the sews).