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{{Userbox header|Andrea Tommaso Bonanno}}
{{Userbox generic|First Name|Andrea Tommaso}}
|firstname=Andrea Tommaso
{{Userbox generic|Last Name|Bonanno}}
{{Userbox generic|Matricola|720876}}
|Matricola= 720876
{{Userbox generic|Advisor|Andrea Bonarini}}
|Advisor= Andrea Bonarini
{{Userbox generic|Tutor| Simone Tognetti}}
|Tutor= Simone Tognetti
{{Userbox generic|E-mail|andreat.bonanno[at]gmail[dot]com}}
{{Userbox link|Project page|Affective VideoGames}}
|Project Page=Affective VideoGames
{{Userbox link|AndreaTommasoBonanno.jpg}}
* [[Affective VideoGames]]

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Andrea Tommaso Bonanno

Foto di AndreaTommasoBonanno
First Name: Andrea Tommaso
Last Name: Bonanno
E-mail: andreat.bonanno[at]gmail[dot]com
Research Areas: {{{researchareas}}}


Welcome to my user page.

Current Works

  • Affective Videogames