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|email=[mailto:claudiotram@gmail.com claudiotram@gmail.com]
|email=[mailto:claudiotram@gmail.com claudiotram@gmail.com]
|advisor= RossellaBlatt
|advisor= RossellaBlatt
|projectpage=[[Lung_Cancer_Detection_by_an_Electronic_Nose|Olfactory Signal Processing]]
|projectpage= Lung Cancer Detection by an Electronic Nose

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Claudio Trameri
Foto di ClaudioTrameri
First Name: Claudio
Last Name: Trameri
E-Mail: [[email::foaf:mbox::claudiotram@gmail.com]]
Project page: Lung Cancer Detection by an Electronic Nose
Project page(s):

Claudio Trameri was born in Tirano, Italy, in 02/06/1982. His interests are Reinforcement Learning, Supervised Learning and Data Analysis.

From January 2008 he is a thesist at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano (AIRlab laboratory) working on a project regards Olfactory Signal Acquisition by an Electronic Nose. In particular the target of this work is to implement a system able to recognize lung cancer of diseased individuals from healty ones analyzing only their breath.

A link of this project is Olfactory Signal Processing.

The thesis is developed in collaboration with User:MauroVerdirosa.

Email: claudiotram(at)gmail(dot)com