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Mattia Pirotti
First Name: Mattia
Last Name: Pirotti
E-Mail: matpirot(at)gmail(dot)comwarning.png
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  • URIs of the form "matpirot(at)gmail(dot)com" are not allowed.
Project page: CPG_for_Warugadar
Project page(s): CPG for Warugadar
Status: active


2007 - Master's Degree, Computer Engineering

2003 – 2007 Bachelor, Computer Engineering

Thesis: "BUMPING REFLEX: bioinspired control model for an hexapod robot"

(advisor: Folgheraiter Michele)

Activity in AIRLab

Thesis about gait generation and control for Warugadar: CPG for Warugadar

(advisor: Gini Giuseppina)