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Wii Remote controller

The WIIMote is a device that can be used to bring to a computer via BlueTooth information coming from an onboard, infrared camera, a 3-axis accelerometer and buttons. On the way back, you can lit up to 4 blue LEDs and having the WIIMote vibrating and making sounds.

This link is about some of the things that can be done with a WIIMote. Check Johnny Lee on Youtube for more...

A lot of libraries, both in C++ and java are available to interface the WIIMote to a computer.

If you have problems with BlueTooth connection, you can check for a solution here

WIIMotes are currently used in projects related to RoboGame design and ROBOWII.


We have a number of WIIMote devices available. If you want to remove these devices from the lab, please book in advance by adding an entry to the table. Please keep the table lines ordered by time (nearest bookings first).

Device ID Time Person
WIIMote 1 From Friday, 8 May Andrea Nicotra, Adrien Servier
WIIMote 2 From Friday, 8 May Alessandro Marin, DiegoMereghetti
WIIMote 3 ?? Antonio Micali
WIIMote 4  ?? Antonio Micali
WIIMote 5  ?? Andrea Pontecorvo

Please put "Lab" instead of a name, when you return the device.