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Wikipedia Category Graph
Short Description: Represent Wikipedia Categories with a model based on graphs to further analyze it.
Coordinator: MarcoColombetti (
Tutor: DavidLaniado (, RiccardoTasso (
Students: JacopoFarina (
Research Area: Social Software and Semantic Web
Research Topic: Graph Mining and Analysis
Start: 2010/06/10
End: 2010/10/01
Status: Active
Level: Bs
Type: Course

The goal of the project is to analyze Wikipedia categories by representing them in a graph based database.

Wikipedia categories are not a three-based structure: a category may be contained in another one which is contained in another one which is contained in the first, generating a cyclic reference and many categories may be a root category (non contained in others).

For this reasons a graph database is better to represent the structure.

Creation of the database

Wikipedia let users download the entire site database (with all versions of all articles) or just some selections of it. We use a selection which contains the category list and articles memberships in them.

Neo4j is a graph-based database, which allow a program to create and manipulate graph structures like nodes and relationships.

After transferring the structure in a Neo4j graph is possible to create a Pajek file to general analysis like described here.

Previous Work

What's in Wikipedia? Mapping Topics and Conflict Using Socially