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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Classification of EMG signals

Project short description

This project is aimed to increase the effectiveness of active hand prostheses with the signals. I intend of exploit electromyographic (EMG) signals more than in the usual application for controlling one degree of freedom


Start date: 2009/03/03

End date: 2010/12/31


People involved

Project head(s)

G. Gini

Other Politecnico di Milano people
Students currently working on the project

Md. Shahidul Islam

Students who worked on the project in the past

Ian Somlai

External personnel:

Laboratory work and risk analysis

describe here what you actually do or will do in the AIRLab for your project; it is especially important to specify any activity that can lead to potential risks for you or other people and how you will ensure that no one is harmed. A list of potentially dangerous (if not correctly performed) activities is included into the Safety norms of the AIRLab, which you MUST know to work at the AIRLab.

Laboratory work for this project will be mainly performed at AIRLab/Lambrate. It will include significant amounts of mechanical work as well as of electrical and electronic activity. Potentially risky activities are the following:

  • Use of mechanical tools. Standard safety measures described in Safety norms will be followed.
  • Use of soldering iron. Standard safety measures described in Safety norms will be followed.

Part 2: project description