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Part 1: project profile

Project name

[NOME]: an improved navigation system for LURCH - The autonomous wheelchair

Project short description

This project aims to improve the LURCH navigation system in two main feature:

  • Reduce the cost of the replanning: When LURCH find an obstacle in its way it has to find a new path to reach the goal. Unfortunately the current planning method is a time expansive task as it always recalculates the entire path. Instead of recalculating a new path the new planning system should provide a mechanism that give the opportunity to reach and follow am alternative previously computed route.
  • Produce a smoother path: when the planner calculates a path, it produces a series of waypoint that LURCH should pass, to reach the goal. The path produced is often too sharp and rough and the wheelchair needs to stop in order to change its direction. The target here it's to provide a system to decide when to ignore the current waypoint and head to the next one.

People involved

Matteo Matteucci

Simone Ceriani

Project head(s)

Prof. Matteo Matteucci

Students currently working on the project

Gianluca Duca

Stefano Conti