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Image of the project Quadrivio
Coordinator: MatteoMatteucci (matteo.matteucci@polimi.it)
Students: GianlucaBardaro (gianluca.bardaro@mail.polimi.it)
Research Topic:
Status: Active

The QUADRIVIO project aims at developing a low-cost unmanned ground vehicle for search and rescue missions in hazardous areas, possibly after a natural disaster. To achieve this challenging goal the project develops:

  • a virtual rider, a low-level stabilization system, including roll/tip-over prevention and obstacle avoidance mechanisms, that makes the vehicle autonomous at least for short range navigation
  • a path planner that finds the best path in presence of rough and sloping terrains, taking into account the vehicle kinematic and dynamic constraints
  • an ATV tracking controller that, acting on steer, throttle and brakes, tracks the desired path, ensuring the vehicle stability

QUADRIVIO is a national project founded by the Lazio region (FILAS program).