Social Network Data Extraction from Online Communities

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Title: Social Network Data Extraction From Online Communities


Description: With the growth of the Web and the emergence of online communities, a huge amount of data regarding social relationships is now available, that was unthinkable until a few years ago. The network of connections may unveil precious information about communities structures and dynamics and the spreading of information in the Web.

Aim of this project is to design and develop a software tool to extract this kind of information from a single social network platform (decided by the student). It may be required also some kind of analysis or visual representation of the collected data.

Tutor: DavidLaniado (, RiccardoTasso (, MarcoColombetti (
Start: Nowwarning.pngThe date "Now" was not understood.
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 5 - 20
Research Area: Social Software and Semantic Web
Research Topic: Social Network Analysis
Level: Bs, Ms
Type: Course, Thesis
Status: Closed
Tools and instruments

The software can be implemented in any programming language; some tools that can be useful for the analysis or the visualization of data are: