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Comments on the first Spyke game videos

Here are some constructive critics to improve the first game, as appearing in the first videos.

(Thanks to Antonio Micali for the game and robot capabilities, and to the Robogame design people for comments)

  • The game is very basic, it is too easy to forecast what is happening, not enough challenging.
  • It appears unnatural that the robot moves backward while trying to escape.
  • The game is probably not too clear, since the novice user seems not to understand what to do. This might be improved by adding a feedback on the robot and making more clear that the robot is trying to avoid to be pointed with the WIIMote, and , in any case, that the robot is reacting to something sensible or done by the user.
  • An expert player could cheat and easily win (rules should be guaranteed and checked.
  • It might be interesting to have different actions w.r.t. the user or different strategies.
  • Hits to the robot might affect the behavior.
  • The robot might react, instead of just trying to escape.
  • The accelerometers do not seem to be used, as is done in the the WII games currently available.