Visual Odometry for an Omni-directional Camera

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Title: Visual Odometry for an Omni-directional Camera
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Description: An omnidirectional camera can acquire panoramic views of the surrounding environment. The purpose of this thesis is to design, develop, and test an odometric system (odometry = measurement of the path) based on the images taken by an omnidirectional camera during motion. The reference paper to start from is (Taddei, Ferran, Caglioti. IJCV 2012) and the result should be able to extract “feature points” from the images, match them in a robust way, and then apply the machinery for visual odometry on the resulting set of correspondences. A calibration procedure for the system should be provided together with an experimental validatio of the resulting system.
  • Pierluigi Taddei, Ferran Espuny, Vincenzo Caglioti: Planar Motion Estimation and Linear Ground Plane Rectification using an Uncalibrated Generic Camera. International Journal of Computer Vision 96(2): 162-174 (2012)


  • reference paper to start from and reference datasets
  • C++ library for extraction and manipulation of features (OpenCV)

Expected outcome:

  • working system able to perform visual odometry using an omnidirectional camera

Required skills or skills to be acquired:

  • computer vision and 3D reconstruction
Tutor: VincenzoCaglioti (
Start: 2012/04/01
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 10 - 20
Research Area: Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Research Topic: none
Level: Bs, Ms
Type: Thesis
Status: Closed