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Lego Mindstorms is a modular system for building simple robots that expands the capabilities of the Lego Technic series of modular construction elements, and following their philosophy and the constructivist approach By Seymour Papert. It's useful to illustrate the basic concepts of robotics (such as the role of sensors) in a simple and playful way.

Several Mindstorms sets are available in the AIRLab, belonging to the first series (Lego product code 9747) and to the second or "NXT" series (code 9797). More precisely:

  • 5 Mindstorms set 9747
  • 3 Ultimate Accessory Kit 3801
  • 2 Robosports 9730
  • 1 Exploration Mars 9736
  • 3 additional active components for 9747: two 9713 and one 9709
  • 2 Mindstorms NXT sets 9797

The kits home is the closed mrked as "Projects - (No students)" in the main room of AIRLab at Lambrate AIRLab in Lambrate, and are to be used by people working on the Robogames, ROBOWII, and RobogameDesign projects.

If you need to take it from there, you should first ask Andrea Bonarini, and then book it in the table below.

Remember to release the booking when you return the kit.

Kit # Day Time Person Project
Mindstorms 9747