Low-cost IMU

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Low-cost IMU
Short Description: Characterization of a low-cost IMU module developed by AIRLab; use of such module to extract high-level information about human behavior.
Coordinator: MarioVerdicchio ()
Tutor: MartinoMigliavacca (migliavacca@elet.polimi.it), MatteoMatteucci (matteo.matteucci@polimi.it)
Students: NguyenHo (nguyenho83@yahoo.com)
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robot development
Start: 2012/11/01
End: 2013/12/31
Status: Active
Level: Ms
Type: Thesis

This project is related to the ongoing effort of AIRLab in developing low-cost robotic modules and systems. An Inertial Measurement Unit based on MEMS sensors (called R2P_IMU) has already been designed and realized. This project has the objectives of:

  • defining a model of R2P_IMU to enable its characterization;
  • characterizing the output of R2P_IMU in correspondence to physical action;
  • defining suitable calibration procedures for R2P_IMU;
  • testing the actual performance of the calibrated R2P_IMU;
  • exploring the possibility of processing the output of R2P_IMU (one or more units) borne by people to extract higher-level information about the behavior of the bearers.