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This page is used to collect suggestions, links to help pages, tips and tricks for editors (i.e., all users!) of AIRWiki.

Tips for MediaWiki users

AIRWiki is based on MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally developed for Wikipedia: its very interesting combination between usability and possibilities makes it a widely used tool. One of the benefits of this is the fact that once you have learned to work with AIRWiki, you have also acquired the ability to work with Wikipedia and all other MediaWiki-based wikis.

The main source for help and information about MediaWiki are the MediaWiki help pages. One of the most useful help pages is the one describing the basic formatting syntax in MediaWiki.

Editing the Sidebar

The Sidebar is the vertical strip on the left of the text area of the AIRWiki, shown whatever page you are looking at. You can' modify its content, of course, though it's not easy to find out how. Well, simply go to Mediawiki:Sidebar and edit that page.

Embedding videos

You can embed videos from different websites (such as YouTube) inside the wiki, thanks to the MediaWiki EmbedVideo extension. If you want to embed a video inside your wiki page, check the extension documentation here or open a page already containing videos (such as the one describing the Lurch project) and check its wikitext.

Tips for Semantic MediaWiki users

To help MediaWiki users to get to grips with SMW and Semantic Forms, we set up a tutorial page. (If you are not reasonably sure of how a wiki works, it's probably better if you practice that for a while before delving into SMW...)

AIRWiki policy

The following guidelines represent decisions about the structure of AIRWiki that have been taken. You should comply with them when editing the AIRWiki.

  • All reasonably static information about the AIRLab should be published in the AIRLab website. All information which need to be modified more frequently (say: at least twice a year) should instead be put into the AIRWiki. The AIRWiki also offers the possibility of building pages which are automatically updated.
  • The AIRLab website should mention all the research areas active in AIRLab; but some of these could be absent from AIRWiki, since their researchers decided not touse it..
  • AIRWiki DOES NOT include a "Projects" page (where the projects of AIRLab are listed). Projects are listed in the pages of the relevant research area.