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AIRWiki includes semantic elements based on the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension to MediaWiki. The use of SMW enables the user with the possibility of using queries to extract specific content from the wiki. This webpage gives a short introduction to what SMW is and why it is useful.

AIRWiki also uses the Semantic Forms extension to make semantic-level editing of pages easier through the use of customized forms.

This tutorial is a repository of all the resources of AIRWiki dedicated to Semantic MediaWiki users.

Working with SMW

AIRWiki special pages dedicated to semantic content

The Special:SpecialPages page includes many interesting tools for the management of the semantic elements of AIRWiki. Below is a list of those, among these tools, which are most useful to non-expert users.

Browsing existing elements

Creating new elements

  • Special:AddPage create a new page with (also) semantic content, using one of the available forms

Refer to Special:SpecialPages for a complete list of the available tools.


Of course, as any other software system, SMW has its bugs and problems. If you feel that something is not going as it should, take a look to the Known SMW bugs page.

External resources

  • SMW help: help on the semantic tools provided by the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension used by AIRWiki.
  • SMW extension: official page of the SMW extension for MediaWiki. It provides a list of the features of SMW.
  • Semantic Forms extension for SMW: official page of the extension providing SMW with semantic forms functionality, listing its features.