Videogame adaptation

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Videogame adaptation
Short Description: Adaptation of TORCS to match the user preferences detected from physiological signals
Coordinator: AndreaBonarini (
Tutor: SimoneTognetti (, MaurizioGarbarino (
Students: AntonellaBelfatto (, BarbaraBruno (, GianmarcoZaccaria (
Research Area: Affective Computing
Research Topic: Affective Computing And BioSignals
Start: 2010/04/01
End: 2010/09/29
Status: Closed
Level: Bs
Type: Thesis

This project, belonging to the Affective VideoGames research line, is aimed at closing the affective adaptation loop on TORCS. Physiological data collected from users playing TORCS are used to model their preferences and this model is in turn used to adapt the game so to have it matching the user preferences as felt by the user.

The project is done as part of a course in the Biomedical Engineering Master Track held by prof. Anna Maria Bianchi and as BS Thesis.