Vision module for the Milan Robocup Team

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Vision module for the Milan Robocup Team (MRT)

Project short description

The aim of this project is to find the ball from the camera mounted on the top of the robot and track its direction. To obtain this goal, firstly we process a frame with some algorithm and find the ball and its distance from the robot. Secondly we study the next image frames of the video stream and check the differences between them in order to understand the direction and speed of the ball.


Start date: OCT 07

End date:

Internet site(s)

People involved

Project head(s)

Matteo Matteucci - matteucc (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it

Other Politecnico di Milano people

Davide Migliore - migliore (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it


Roberto Ponzoni - bigdoby (at) gmail (dot) com

Ermes Viviani - ermesviviani (at) gmail (dot) com

External personnel:

Laboratory work and risk analysis

Since laboratory work for this project is limited to software related activities, there are no potential risks.