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Short Description: The goal of the project is to develop an interactive game between an autonomous robot and a remotely-controlled one, based on the metaphor of the movie Alien.
Coordinator: AndreaBonarini (
Tutor: AndreaBonarini (
Students: DavideBorgonovo (
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robogames
Start: 10/07/2012
End: 20/04/2013
Status: Closed
Level: Ms
Type: Thesis

Game Description

The participants are three:a player,a Parrot AR-Drone called Predator and a modular robot called Alienbot, implemented as a Triskar2 base.The Predator is controlled by the player via an interface on an android tablet. Alienbot is an autonomous robot. The objective of the game is to hit the opponent 3 times. The player can hit Alienbot only through Predator. The game lasts 10 minutes.