Gestures in Videogames

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Gestures in Videogames
Short Description: Analysis of gestures and facial expressions of people involved in playing a videogame (TORCS)
Coordinator: AndreaBonarini (
Tutor: MatteoMatteucci (, MaurizioGarbarino (
Students: GiorgioPrini (
Research Area: Affective Computing
Research Topic: Affective Computing And BioSignals
Start: 2010/09/10
End: 2011/03/30
Status: Closed
Level: Ms
Type: Thesis

This project, belonging to the Affective VideoGames research line, is aimed at building a model relating facial expressions, gestures, and movements of people playing the vidogame TORCS to their preferences among different game setting. The final aim is to detect from images taken from a camera whether people is enjoying the game experience.