Localization of E-2?

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Localization of E-2?
Image of the project Localization of E-2?
Short Description: Localization and navigation development for E-2?
Coordinator: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Tutor: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Collaborator: DavideRizzi ()
Students: GloriaReCalegari (glo1088@hotmail.com)
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robot development
Start: 2010/10/08
End: 2011/02/28
Status: Closed
Level: Bs
Type: Thesis

Aim of this project was the development of an absolute localization system based on a set of passive markers. The library used is the ARToolKit Plus which provides a set of 512 markers and the functions for their analysis.

This system can be used in indoor environment with high ceilings and very large rooms such as exhibitions and malls.

Aim of the project is also the integration of the absolute localization system with the existing odometry one.

The robot have to be equipped with an USB camera, which catches frames from the environment. This pictures are sent to the core of the system that elaborates the datas. The output of the module is the absolute position of the robot.

The system have been integrated and tested on the robot LURCH.