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Image of the project RoboWII1.0
Tutor: AndreaBonarini (
Students: BenChen (, AntonioBianchi (
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robogames
Start: 2008/03/01
End: 2008/09/21
Status: Closed
Level: Bs
Type: Thesis

Here is some detailed information about the first version of the interactive game with a robot, were interaction is obtained by a WIIMote.

This project is part of the ROBOWII effort, in turn on the Robogames research line.

Antonio Bianchi and Ben Chen developed a game system (RoboWII1.0) where the human player has to try to point a led target on the robot with the infrared camera of the WIIMote, while the robot tries to get a target position and at the same time to avoid to be caught.

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Wii Remote controller

They have used a robot originally used in Robocup, with a two-wheels differential kinematics. RoboWII has been developed in Linux, using C++. The communication between computer and WIIMote is done using the library Wiiuse. Moreover, some packages developed at Politecnico di Milano within the MRT project (Modular Robotic Toolkit) have been used:

  • DCDT, for message exchange among the components of RoboWII
  • Mr. Brian, to program fuzzy logic behaviors

The localization software was originally developed within the LURCH project, and is able to localize the robot w.r.t. a set of printed markers placed on the ceiling over the playground. This software uses the ArtToolkitPlus libraries.

Available Documentation


Nella scatola del progetto si trova:

  • 1 Nintendo Wiimote
  • angolari di metallo, velcro e cartone (per il montaggio della sensor bar e della telecamera)
  • il materiale usato precedentemente per il progetto Polyphemus (telecamera mobile, cavi vari, ...)

Sul robot è presente:

  • 1 telecamera Firewire
  • 1 cavo firewire (3 mt.)
  • 1 Airboard

Utente sul Mac Mini (user: robowii, password: robowii)