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Wiki Page: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Visual Navigation
Title: A critical review on the state of the art in visual navigation for unmanned aerial vehicles
Description: Visual navigation is becoming more and more important in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The goal of this thesis/tesina is to review in a structured way the current state of art in the field from different perspective: research teams, projects, platforms, tasks, algorithms. The latter is the most important aspect obviously and the project should provide a clear view on what is done today, and obtaining which results. Two kind of operations are of most interest: tracking of fixed and mobile targets (and how this impact on the UAV path), navigation on a geo-referenced map. Implementing one of the standard approaches on a mini unmanned aerial vehicle would be the ideal ending of the work to turn it into a thesis.


  • papers from major journals and conferences
  • reports from research projects

Expected outcome:

  • a report with a detailed review of the state of the art organized according to the main relevant aspects (to be identified during the work)
  • an implementation of some state of the art algorithms for tracking or navigation

Required skills or skills to be acquired:

  • proficiency in english
  • basic understanding of computer vision
  • basic understanding of filtering techniques
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Start: 1 January 2015
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 10 - 20
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: None

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