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Triskarino is a holonomic robot basis, presently implemented in 6 instances. It mounts three omniwheels and a control system based on Arduino (Uno, Mega, or Due) or on R2P. It can run at up to 1 m/sec. It can be configured in different ways. One is TheatreBot, a robot able to show emotions without using a bio-inspired body, used to play on stage with human actors. Other two implement Teo, a robot designed to interact with children with different diabilities, which can be used also with a multimedial system, and which has been developed within the project KROG, funded by Politecnico di Milano within the Polisocial program. One is a demonstrator for R2P and mounts a Pixy camera as well as distance sensors. The last two instances of Triskarino are used to build emotional, social objects and to implement robogames.

A GitHub repository with SW to run the Nova Core (R2P) version is available here. The documentation is here.