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Davide Tateo
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Status: active

I'm a Phd student of Computer Engineering at Politecnico Di Milano I'm interested in artificial intelligence, in particular on Reinforcement Learning, Fuzzy Systems and Cognitive Robotics. In my master thesis, I developed a cognitive SLAM system. The main challenge is to recognize objects and exploit domain knoledge to get a robust SLAM framework in inner and dynamic environment.

As Phd student I'll work on robot learning, in particular my research will focus on Hierarchical reinforcement learning in order to make a robot able to perform difficult task such as Robogames, that involves complex interaction between the robot, the envirorment and Human players.

I'm also interested in software engineering and programming languages.

I'm also the best robot-surgeon of the AIRLab, I can cite in my curriculum among other things, a neck surgery of e-2?, and several back surgeries to Spykee.