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=== Courses ===
=== Courses ===
[[Courses|Here]] are the descriptions of the courses related to AIRLab activities.
Several courses are related to AIRLab activities. [[Courses|Here]] are their descriptions.
=== Media coverage ===
=== Media coverage ===

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Welcome to AIRWiki! This is the wiki supporting AIRLab, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano, the Technical University of Milan (Italy).

AIRWiki was born as a tool for teachers, researchers and students to share information about projects in an easy and quick way. However, it rapidly evolved into a display of the activities of AIRLab too: in this wiki, you will find information about what we work on. This page is an overview of what the AIRWiki has to offer.

About the AIRLab

Research areas

The activities at AIRLab are organized in the areas mentioned on the AIRLab Website. The ones supported by AIRWiki are listed here below. In each page, you will find descriptions of ongoing and past projects, project proposals and all sort of other info related to the activities in the area.

Here is a promo movie listing the current activities at AIRLab.

AIRLab Sites

AIRLab is physically located on different sites, each with different access rules. You can find out here how to get and access them.


Several courses are related to AIRLab activities. Here are their descriptions.

Media coverage

Many activities at AIRLab are covered by media as soon as they attract interest. You may find here some links to past articles on newspapers and magazines.

Working in the AIRLab

Project Proposals

Many proposals of course or thesis projects for students are currently available at the Project Proposals page.


Robots, sensors, tools, and equipment in general are available in the different AIRLab sites. You can find here what is available, where, and how to have access to it.

AIRLab survival guide

Go to the AIRLab survival guide page to find all the information (bureaucracy, how to write a thesis, rules, and more ...) you want to know and you dare not to ask.

Safety norms

All people working in the AIRLab are required to know (and comply with) the Safety norms.

About this wiki


AIRWiki is composed of two layers:

  • a public layer, readable by everyone on the internet and modifiable by AIRWiki's registered users;
  • a private layer, reserved to the registered users (who can read and edit its contents).

The public layer of AIRWiki is relatively stable. The private layer is used by the people working on AIRLab's projects as a repository of all the information related to such projects. Eventually, much of the information in the private layer will be suitably formatted and moved to the public layer. More information about how to access the private layer and how AIRWiki's layers actually work is available in this page.

How can I contribute?

If you are a registered user, your contribution is very welcome! AIRWiki is a collaborative effort. If you have information you want to share (description of what you do, links to useful sources of information, HOWTOs, and so on) just publish them on AIRWiki by creating new pages and/or modifying existing ones. It's easy and - dare we say it? - fun! As a guideline, consider putting on AIRWiki everything you would have liked to find there... instead of being forced to find out the hard way. And, in particular, everything that future students who will build upon your own work would like to find.

At Projects - HOWTO you can find instructions and guidelines about how to set up a page for the project you work on and how to add new information to it.

Wow, this is a semantic wiki! What does that mean?

This wiki is using the Semantic MediaWiki extension, that helps to organize, search and browse the wiki's content. See the slides of the AIRWiki presentation to get an idea.

The page SMW Project Workflow shows all the steps that have to be performed from the creation of a project proposal to the creation and management of a new user account and a project page, using semantic forms.

In the page Dynamic_Page_Generation you can find some directions to use semantic queries, to enrich page content with automatically generated lists and tables.

If you want to know more about how data are organized in this semantic wiki, see the AIRWiki Ontology page.